Learning From STEM EDucators

STEM educators in and around St. Louis are at the core of every STEMpact initiative. We know we can create the most valuable development opportunities for future STEM educators by sharing best practices and knowledge from current STEM educators. Because STEMpact educators bring a diverse array of experiences and strategies, each STEM teacher and school with whom we partner strengthens the foundation and breadth of our programs, and keeps our mission on the most effective path to progress.


As contributors to our initiatives, STEMpact educators offer their expertise, spend time developing content and ensure curriculum aligns with Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. Many of the districts have also sent at least one STEM teacher to participate in the STEM Teacher Quality (TQ) program.

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In St. Louis, 43 percent of STEM employers cited shortage of skilled workers as a reason not to expand their workforce

St. Louis Workforce Report