Public lessons are in the process of being developed. In the interim, please find lesson development resources below.

Wind Turbines | Grade 6 | Engineering
Given minimal supplies, students will design and build a wind turbine that can spin the blades and lift a basket of pennies. This lesson integrates engineering, technology, and science.

Engineering 6th Grade

Popsicle Bridge | Grade 6 | Engineering
Students will design, draft, and build a three-dimensional model of a bridge using required materials.

Engineering 6th Grade

Exploring Pills | Grade 7 | Engineering
Students will use the engineering process to design a coating for a "pill" so that it will survive for 10 minutes in "stomach acid"

Engineering 7th Grade

Acceleration | Grade 7 | Engineering
Students will engineer a model that can demonstrate an object speeding up, slowing down, and changing direction.

Engineering 7th Grade

Stomp Rockets | Grade 8 | Engineering
Students will make a stomp rocket using the engineering process.

Engineering 8th Grade


In 2013, only 42% of 4th grade students performed at or above the proficient level in mathematics 

National Assessment of Education Progress