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Engineering a Plan | Grade 3 | Engineering
Students will design and engineer a process to make an ice cube melt at a faster rate. Integrates matter and engineering.

Engineering Grade 3

Gumdrop Bridge Challenge | Grade 4 | Engineering
Students will design and build a bridge following certain qualifications, using only toothpicks and gumdrops. Integrates engineering with measurement and data.

Engineering Grade 4

Boat Design | Grade 5 | Engineering
Students will create a boat using materials found in the classroom that can float and be moved with airflow. Integrates social studies and engineering curriculum.

Engineering Grade 5

Measurement Towers | Grade K | Math
Students will consider how they can measure objects and what is important when measuring objects.

Math Grade K

Investigating Mass | Grade 1 | Math
Students will use an equal arm balance to find the mass of various objects and then arrange objects in order from the least amount of mass to the most amount of mass.

Math Grade 1

Colorful Arrays | Grade 2 | Math
Students will create arrays using Fruit Loops to model multiplication and determine if the total number changes if you turn the array.

Math Grade 2

The Egg Tower | Grade 3 | Math
Using the supplies provided, students will work in teams to design, construct, and build the tallest possible tower that will hold an egg for at least 15 seconds. Integrates measurement and engineering.

Math Grade 3

Hot Wheels | Grade 3 | Math
Can the class design and implement an experiment that will determine which of the four provided Hot Wheels cars rolls the farthest? Integrates motion and data.

Math Grade 3

Layers of the Rainforest | Grade 3 | Science
Students will create and label a mural of a rain forest layer, labeling the plants and animals as well.

Science Grade 3

Plant Parts and Functions | Grade 3 | Science
Students will explain and demonstrate which parts of a plant are eaten.

Science Grade 3

Constructing Ecosystems | Grade 3 | Science
Students will answer the question: How can you build a productive ecosystem?

Science Grade 3

Build Your Wild Self | Grade 4 | Science
Students will learn about external animal structures while creating a "wild" version of themselves.

Science Grade 4

Rock the Walk | Grade 4 | Science
Students will complete a problem solving challenge designing a platform on the Grand Canyon that is wheelchair accessible, and made from natural resources. This lesson integrates natural science, engineering, and math.

Science Grade 4

From Sun to Food | Grade 5 | Science
Students will design a farm, based on their knowledge of plant life.

Science Grade 5


In 2013, only 42% of 4th grade students performed at or above the proficient level in mathematics 

National Assessment of Education Progress