ST. louis metropolitan conversations

We have gathered local educational, business, community and government leaders for St. Louis Metropolitan Conversations. These focused discussions about STEM in education aim to spark regional collaboration and generate momentum toward progress on a broad number of issues.

St. Louis Metropolitan Conversations have included the following topics:

  • Developing greater awareness about STEM in education, particularly among teachers.
  • Collaborating around high quality regional professional development models.
  • Identifying the depth and breadth of regional professional development opportunities.
  • Recognizing high performance for students begins with well-prepared teachers.
  • Envisioning where STEM in education might be in 5 years.

To ensure we achieve meaningful progress from each of the St. Louis Metropolitan Conversations, we identify themes from the written responses to the discussions, and the discussions themselves. We then use these themes to inform our STEM Teacher Quality curriculum and to drive initiatives that advance STEM in education in specific ways.


on average, elementary school students only receive 2.3 hours of science instruction per week.

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