What happens at stem workshops?

The objective of STEMpact workshops is to share the STEM Teacher Quality Collaborative Agreements. Published in March 2013 after several months of conversations with stakeholders, the STEM Teach Quality Collaborative Agreements define high quality professional development for teachers, community organizations, parents and anyone else who works with children. Offered throughout year, STEMpact workshops present opportunities to learn more about best practices in STEM education (what methods and activities are most effective in other locations), and how to strengthen STEM education in a variety of settings — at home, in the classroom or in our communities.

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Why are stem workshops important?

The STEMpact workshops and sharing of the STEM Teacher Quality Collaborative Agreements are just a portion of our efforts to develop confident STEM-capable learners in the St. Louis area. By connecting science, technology, engineering and math to students’ lives in and outside of the classroom, by supporting educators with workshops and other professional development opportunities, and by making it easier for all parents and adults in our community to learn more about STEM education, we can strengthen our region’s capacity for STEM subject knowledge and related careers, now and in the future.


out of 100 9th graders, only 6 will choose a stem degree in college.

national center for education statistics