Local and State Level Advocates

STEM support from the government is essential for the STEMpact mission to succeed. Local city councils, state legislatures and state-wide entities such as the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (MDESE) and Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) provide STEM support by playing a key role in setting policy and ensuring Missouri and Illinois are world leaders in STEM education.

STEMpact is a proponent of the Common Core Standards and Next Generation Science Standards that will help prepare our future generations of students for STEM careers.

Follow the links below to contact your state legislators, MDESE or ISBE  to say thanks for their STEM support thus far, and encourage them to continue supporting STEMpact’s efforts.


Contact the Illinois State Board of Education

Find the State Senator and Representative for your district


Contact the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Find the State Senator for your district

Find the State Representative for your district

The latest news on stem education policy

Though STEMpact was not created to influence education legislation, it has become apparent that there is a role for us to play in encouraging common-sense STEM education policies that will improve how STEM is integrated into classrooms.

Debate about STEM legislation is not always active among our representatives, but state legislatures occasionally take up legislation that may affect STEM education policy. When this occurs, STEMpact will provide information on these bills and may ask for your help contacting your local representatives.


Only 45% of 12th graders who take the act test are ready for college-level work in math.