Our Mission

We Need Talent to Make Region Competitive

To see the range of STEM careers right here in our city is really exciting. Now that my eyes have been opened, I can open my students’ eyes.

- Eric Smith, Rockwood School District Science Teacher

St. Louis is a hub for research, manufacturing and finance; however, if current trends continue, there will not be enough qualified Illinoisans or Missourians to fill future STEM jobs. The quality of education, especially in STEM-related fields its in dire need of change.

  • Missouri ranks 33rd and 21st, while Illinois ranks 23rd and 43rd in math and science nationally.
  • STEM job opportunities are projected to grow at 17% over the next decade.
  • In Missouri 3 out of 4 fastest growing occupations will be in STEM careers.

STEMpact’s  approach combines the resources and human capital of its member to transform the STEM education ecosystem to prepare tomorrow’s professionals and ensure the vitality of our region’s economy.

We accomplish this goal in three ways; professional development, partnering with informal educators and advocacy.

Curriculum Focus

STEM TQ focuses on educators in grades K-8 based on research showing that quality instruction in STEM areas heightens interest and directly effects course and career selection. Participants use required grade level content to “stemitize” instruction by connecting:

  • Students with real world STEM applications
  • Diverse STEM professionals and their careers
  • High quality instructional strategies and best practices that engage all learners
  • Student interests and capabilities to self-identify as a STEM capable learner

On average students whose teachers participated in STEM TQ scored 10 points better on the MAP test in math and 8 points better in science. The biggest gains were seen in 5th grade performance, which were 30 points higher in math and 17 points higher in science.


Students are able to:

  • Form conclusions through enhanced data collection and analysis
  • Collect, analyze and display data graphically
  • Think in a prices driven fashion and outline process thinking

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