I do a lot of professional development, but nothing like this. It has been really involved and hands-on inquiry-based learning.

Sixth Grade Teacher

STEM TQ Participant

What is STEM TQ?

The STEM Teacher Quality (TQ) Institute is an exciting, professional learning program specifically designed for K-8 teachers who teach and integrate science, technology, engineering, and math into their curriculum.

This innovative program brings together teams of teachers for monthly learning opportunities throughout the year. Here you will learn the critical foundation and mindset that all educators need for bringing STEM into the classroom. Furthermore, you will gain confidence as your STEM capabilities grow. You will also see students develop into critical thinkers and problem solvers as they master STEM concepts.

The STEM TQ Approach is Different from Traditional STEM Programs

A 100-hour, yearlong learning endeavor that brings together teams of teachers from regional school districts

An intensive two-week summer institute

Monthly sessions throughout the school year led by STEMpact facilitators

Field trips to area employers to experience STEM-to-career connections

Field activities to experience first-hand how STEM topics can be threaded throughout all subjects and activities

Making an Impact in Schools & Districts

After completing STEM TQ, you will know how to integrate STEM curriculum into everyday teaching methods in your classrooms. We call this STEMitizing the curriculum. As a STEM leader within your school and district, you will make an impact by:

Exploring high-quality instructional strategies that correlate to national standards

Planning lessons/units that are STEM influenced, engaging, rigorous, and relevant

Supporting students to be self-identified STEM-capable learners

Connecting STEM content to the real world, STEM careers, student culture, and student interests

Helping your school/district integrate STEM into the curriculum

Becoming a STEM resource for others

How Do You Fit In?


Teachers serving on curriculum committees, school improvement teams, professional development committees, grade level/department chairs, mentors, or those who rally others.

Formal Leaders

Formal leaders such as an instructional coach, coordinator, administrator.


Educators who view their position as “value added” and provide school-wide impact, such as librarians, art teachers, physical education teachers, technology specialists, and more!

How Can I Participate in STEM TQ?

District leaders are invited to nominate teachers for participating in STEM TQ. Applications are open January through March. While we do give priority to high needs districts, we invite all area districts/schools to complete an enrollment application nominating the K-8 teachers, teacher leaders/instructional coaches/coordinators who would like to attend the institute.

Having a plan internally and connecting with external supports is at the heart of what District Immersion is. We have been able to move the needle from traditional learning to 21st Century learning.

Beverly Velloff

District Math and Science Coordinator

What is STEMpact District Immersion?

STEMpact District Immersion was developed as a response to educators’ requests for instructional support at the classroom level. Focusing on three areas – Math, Science, and Computer Science – the Immersion program provides a deep and systemic approach to providing that support.

In this 3 year initiative, STEMpact works with participants on program planning and providing onsite instructional coaches and technical support. During monthly planning meetings we assess progress and evaluate next steps.

The STEMpact District Immersion Approach

Starting and integrating a STEM program into your school district can be an exciting journey for everyone. Rather than going it alone, STEMpact provides a framework to help guide you through the process as you implement your plan.

Our program approach is based on research that outlines the design elements for the most effective professional learning programs to impact student achievement.

Job-embedded professional development

Coaching in the classroom

Collaborative learning with fellow teachers and administrators

Assessments aligned with curriculum and instruction

No matter what you’ve identified as your “next steps,” STEMpact’s District Immersion program helps you instill in everyone a new mindset for STEM education. You will benefit from the collaborative nature of the program that brings together educators for shared learning and planning.

Our District is Interested. How Can We Participate?

STEMpact’s District Immersion program is by invitation and follows an online/in-person interview.

Interested In Joining Us?

STEMpact continually strives to increase the number of active partners working
to improve STEM education. If you would like to get involved, contact us today.

Funding Forward-Thinking

Thanks to the support of these proud partners, STEMpact is shining a spotlight on the current gaps and future needs in the STEM economy.

Platinum Funders

$100,000 and up

Gold Funders

$50,000 to $99,999

Silver Funders

$25,000 to $49,999

Bronze Funders

$1,000 to $24,999