Your Support Makes An Impact


We're Closing the STEM Skills Gap

The demand for STEM education continues to grow exponentially. Unfortunately, STEMpact programs consistently have a waiting list. That’s why, now more than ever, your donation is vital in helping us reach more teachers, schools/districts, and students across the St. Louis region. With your support, we can expand enrollment to accommodate all educators eager to learn about how to bring STEM education into their classrooms and schools.

    STEMpact brings together the most progressive minds in the education and corporate communities to assemble educators to realign and understand what quality STEM instruction looks, feels like.



    Help Us Prepare for Tomorrow by Investing Today

    We believe that the best way to create STEM-capable students is to develop STEM-capable teachers. To reach this goal, we’ve developed a unique, collaborative approach that combines the resources and human capital of major corporations and foundations with Washington University in St. Louis to enhance STEMpact’s ability to meet current gaps identified by educators and administrators.

    We invite you to collaborate with us and make an investment that will provide a stronger future for our region.

    Experience a True, Reciprocal Partnership

    Besides influencing long-term change in our region, your partnership gives you the unique opportunity to directly connect with STEM educators as well as other like-minded STEM colleagues in our community. You will see firsthand how your gift is making a difference.

    You will also have the chance to welcome educators to your company where you can showcase the value of STEM education for our region’s workforce and advocate for the work you do.

    We recognize all our funders at events and in all our literature, making sure that our community knows your contribution is helping us build a stronger and better region.

    Your Contribution Has A Far-Reaching Impact


    Teachers are empowered as they learn the methods to STEMitize their curriculum to develop problem solvers and innovative thinkers.


    Students become engaged early and build a strong foundation for STEM topics that will carry them into the future.

    School Leaders

    School leaders participate in professional development and develop long-term strategies for STEM integration and implementation.

    Our Community

    Our community benefits from creating a diverse pipeline for future careers, and we are ensured of the vitality of our region’s economy.

    Help Us Continue to Make an Impact

    STEMpact continually strives to increase the number of active partners working to improve STEM education.

    Funding Forward-Thinking

    Thanks to the support of these proud partners, STEMpact is shining a spotlight on the current gaps and future needs in the STEM economy.

    Platinum Funders

    $100,000 and up

    Gold Funders

    $50,000 to $99,999

    Silver Funders

    $25,000 to $49,999

    Bronze Funders

    $1,000 to $24,999